The Mystery of Godliness Revealed


The Mystery of Godliness Revealed: God in Man, Man in God

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Do you know that the Old Testament was the New Testament concealed? The work of the cross was done and finished in a day, but God used different people, places, events and circumstances in the Old Testament over the space of about four thousand years to explain the quick work of Christ on the cross. They were the very shadows of the realities of the cross.

God used the whole Old Testament to give a detailed revelation of the quick work on the cross. Your eyes will be opened to a shadow of Christ’s work in the lives of the Patriarchs. Their lives were an insight into our dispensation.

The Mystery of Godliness is carefully crafted to aid you through the journey of discovering Christ, by drawing rich and hidden revelations in the scriptures about him so you can experience His life here and now.

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